Google's 4K digital whiteboard available for $5000

For $5000, you can get yourself - or your office or school a 4K-capable digital whiteboard from Google.

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In one of those 'I wish I had that in school' moments, Google is now selling its 4K digital whiteboard, with the Jamboard costing $5000. It's not for everyone, but it has its market.

Jamboard is like a gigantic tablet made for the workplace, school, or meeting room and has similar features to a tablet, but features some other collaboration tools.

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Jamboard is capable of letting multiple people work together on the digital whiteboard with G Suite, all in a single location - even including remote employees.

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It features a movable stand that Google sells separately, something you'd think would come included for $5000, while there is a single cable to control Jamboard. It comes in three colors of course, two styli, and an eraser. The Jamboard along with its rolling stand costs $6198, oh and G Suite will cost you, too.

Jamboard Pricing

Google is charging $4999 for the Jamboard, two styluses, an eraser, and a wall mount.

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There is a $300 per year annual management and support fee, if you sign up on or before 9/30 this year, with this yearly cost going up to $600 per year if you sign up after 9/30. The rolling stand will cost $1199 if you buy it on or before 9/30, while it'll cost $1349 after 9/30.


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