NVIDIA CEO: 'every human will be a gamer someday'

NVIDIA CEO believes that 'every human will be a gamer someday'

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You've got to give it to NVIDIA CEO and founder Jen-Hsun Huang, he has high hopes for gaming in the future, and simply oozes enthusiasm for the entire gaming market.

NVIDIA CEO: 'every human will be a gamer someday' | TweakTown.com

During NVIDIA's recent investor Q&A, Huang provided some updates on GeForce Now, NVIDIA's game streaming service. He said that GeForce Now is "years away" from becoming a major gaming service, but said that he believes every human will eventually be a gamer, and that there's only one way to do that: the cloud.

Huang said: "However, I'm optimistic about the opportunity to extend the GeForce platform beyond the gamers that we currently have in our installed base. There are several billion gamers on the planet. And I believe that every human will be a gamer someday, and every human will have some way to enjoy an alternative universe some way someday. And we would love to be the company that brings it to everybody. And the only way to really do that on a very, very large scale basis and reach all those people is over the cloud".

He continued: "And so I think our PC gaming business is going to continue to be quite vibrant. It's going to continue to advance, and then hopefully we can overlay our cloud reach on top of that over time".

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