UploadVR sued: rampant sexual harassment/discrimination

UploadVR sued over 'rampant' sexual harassment and discrimination, has a kink room for sex.

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UploadVR is in some serious trouble with the SF-based VR startup being sued by a former employee who alleges the company engaged in sexual discrimination and sex/gender harassment.

UploadVR sued: rampant sexual harassment/discrimination | TweakTown.com

TechCrunch reports that the lawsuit was filed today with the Superior Court of California, claiming that UploadVR is plagued by "rampant sexual behavior and focus, creating an unbearable environment for Plaintiff and other female employees". The suit continues, adding: "Defendants purposefully and expressly created a 'boy's club' environment at work, focused on sex and degrading women, including female employees".

UploadVR co-founders Will Mason and Taylor Freeman "would frequently talk about much sex they were going to have at each party and how many girls they were going to have sex with". It gets worse, as the VR startup reportedly has a "kink room" that has a bed in its office, where people can have sex during parties - and I guess, whenever the hell they feel like it.

The suit adds that there is more brewing under the surface at UploadVR, as the company has "created a hostile and toxic working environment" reports The Verge. The allegations include employees that hired strippers and prostitutes, where male employees would kick out female employees so they could "use the spaces for sexual intercourse with party attendees". The suit continues, alleging widespread discrimination that saw male staff compensated more than female staff, and female staff not being reimbursed for business expenses.

Robert Scoble, Former Entrepreneur in Residence at UploadVR posted on Facebook with a statement from the co-founders of the VR startup, with Will Mason or Taylor Freeman saying: "We cannot comment directly on any pending litigation. What we want to express is that our employees are our greatest asset and the sole reason for the success of this company. We are committed to creating a positive community in VR/AR as well as within our company culture and will work to further develop that mission in the future. We are confident that the true nature of how we treat our employees and how we operate as leaders will shine through this unfortunate situation and confirm that these allegations are entirely without merit".

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