GECUBE Announce X1300 "Heavy-Weight" GFX Card

GECUBE Announce X1300 "Heavy-Weight" GFX Card news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| May 19, 2006 at 9:18 am CDT
The entry level ATI X1300 GPU with HyperMemory technology has been chosen by GECUBE to extend their range of graphics cards once again, as they announce the "GC-HM1300PGU3-C3" variant. However, this is no ordinary X1300 based card, it's the first GECUBE graphic card to use GDDR3 architecture in the GECUBE X1300 Series, and the first to achieve a core clock speed in excess of 600MHz (650Mhz Overclockable) and memory clock speed of over 1.2GHz.

The official PR has all the details.

The GC-HM13PGU3-C3 graphics cards are capable of simultaneously activating High Dynamic Range (HDR) and anti-aliasing (AA) function, with modeling based on the visual performance of the human eye. Dual Link technology provides High-definition TV (HDTV) output with 2560*1600 resolution. The AvivoTM technology supports the (DVD quality) H.264 video format, while the CatalystTM Video Converter provides video file conversion function with an easy-to-use interface and a processing speed rate of more than 80%.

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