Samsung making next-gen 4K mobile displays with 800PPI

Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S9 might rock the most beautiful 4K display EVER.

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The display on Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is already mind blowing, but the South Korean giant doesn't want to sit on its hands - with rumors flying that the company will begin production of its 7th generation AMOLED panels in Q2.

Samsung making next-gen 4K mobile displays with 800PPI |

PhoneArena reports: "Samsung Display has continued research to diversify its OLED portfolio to include foldable OLED, chip-on-plastic OLED and 800ppi high-resolution OLED". Now this is pretty big news, as the rest of the OLED makers are still working on their 6th gen panels, while Samsung leads into its 7th gen. The big golden nugget of news is that Samsung is working on "chip-on-plastic OLED" displays, and "800ppi high-resolution OLED".

Now, where would Samsung use an 800PPI high-res OLED display? For me, the purported Galaxy Note 8 smartphone would make sense - as the Galaxy S9 won't see the light of day until 2018. 4K displays in smartphones aren't really a thing right now, except for Sony's current 'Premium' line of smartphones - so if I had to place any bets, I'd say Samsung's upcoming Note 8 will rock a massive, and oh-my-gosh beautiful 4K-capable 800PPI display.


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