E3 2006 video interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney

E3 2006 video interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| May 14, 2006 at 5:13 am CDT
Unreal Tournament 2007 is one of the most anticipated multiplayer FPS gaming titles to hit the scene in the near future, and with E3 in full swing at the moment, it's current state of progress is something almost everyone wants to know about.

If you're desperately hunting for any information you can find on this upcoming blockbuster hit, you cant look past this recent video interview posted up on the nvnews forums for all to take in.

The interview was conducted by a Jacob Freeman as he catches up with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games to gather up a bunch of exclusive info about the game and some of the highlights we can expect to see implemented in the final release.

Dial-up users should be aware however, the video weighs in at 87MB!

A few of the topics that were covered:
- UT2007 and Ageia Effects. Should you expect a performance hit?
- Havok on SM3.0 GPU's, what are Tim's thoughts?
- Will PC users be able to play against console users in UT2007? You may be suprised by his answer...
- Sweeney on Unified Shader Architecture's
- Sweeney on megatexturing.
- Sweeney comments on DX10 in UE3.
- Sweeney's prediction for technology... 10 years from now.
- Sweeney's thoughts on Conroe, and his BOLD statements on Pentium 4.

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