Transcend Intro Highest Capacity 2GB miniSD Cards / JetFlash V20 Flash Drives

Transcend Intro Highest Capacity 2GB miniSD Cards / JetFlash V20 Flash Drives news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| May 4, 2006 at 9:04 pm CDT
In two seperate announcements from Transcend, they first unveil their new range of 80X Ultra-Performance miniSD cards, ideally suited to certain high-spec multimedia cell phones. The range is made up of cards beginning in a 256MB capacity, right up to 2GB (the largest capacity miniSD cards produced to date).

Another cool thing about these is that Transcend provide an adapter which allows them to be slotted into standard sized SD card slots.

The press material can be located here.

Transcend Information, Inc. releases 2GB high capacity mini SecureDigital (miniSD) flash memory card. In order to meet the requirements of new high-spec cell phones such as the Nokia 6270, and 6280, the 80X Ultra-Performance high-speed miniSD cards (256MB~2GB) joins the ranks of the highest capacity miniSDTM cards in the world.

Transcend miniSD cards have all the features and performance of standard SD cards, but are less than half the size. This makes miniSD cards ideal for the next generation of multimedia cell phones and mobile devices, which are incorporating miniSD card slots into their design. To ensure compatibility with SD devices, Transcend provides an adapter, which converts a miniSD card for use in SD card slots. The adapter works by placing the smaller memory card into its respective case and treating the card plus adapter as an SD card.

Transcend have also just fired up their JetFlash V20 series USB flash drives, with storage capacities ranging from 512MB through to a whopping 4GB. More on these here folks.

Transcend Information, Inc. today introduced the JetFlash™ V20 USB flash drive to bridge the gap between large capacity and accessibility. If you do not already own a USB flash drive, you soon will. Based on the design of Transcend's best selling JetFlash™ 120, the V20 features the same shapely chassis and semi-transparent colored mid-band that glows during use. The pearl-white JetFlash™ V20 suites any USB enabled desktop or notebook at home, work or school. Store, and transfer data in capacities ranging from 512MB (orange) for personal data, MP3s and photos, all the way up to a massive 4GB (green) for full-sized movies and applications. The accessible range is available at prices that do not spiral upwards with the number of gigabytes.

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