KODE5 Launches KODE5 Latin America

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| May 4, 2006 at 12:16 pm CDT
The KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution continues to spread like wildfire around the globe, with a fresh announcement today highlighting the launch of "KODE5 Latin America". This will consist of gaming events to take place across six latin american countries (Paraguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and the latin american final to be held in Chile).

Grab this latest KODE5 announcement for the full scoop.

(Santiago, CHILE) - May 2, 2006 - With German and Taiwanese events already announced, word of the KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution is spreading at a rapid pace. Today, KODE5, in association with LanParty Chile and SouthFrag, are pleased to add KODE5 Latin America to the growing list of KODE5 events. KODE5 Latin America holds Quake 4, Counter-Strike 1.6, and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne qualifiers across 5 Latin American countries. The top gamers from each region will then do battle at the KODE5 Latin American Final, this year held in Santiago, Chile. Featuring music concerts, PC clinics, a 500-seat BYOC and more, the KODE5 Latin American Finals will be an event to remember. The KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution is supported globally by Foxconn and Corsair Memory, and takes competitive gaming to an international stage with events being held in 20+ countries worldwide.

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