AMD's 12C/24T and 16C/32T CPUs called 'ThreadRipper'

AMD's next-gen HEDT processors are reportedly called ThreadRipper, will arrive in 12C/24T and 16C/32T variants.

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When we delivered the world exclusive news that AMD would be calling its next-gen CPUs Ryzen, some very early details arrived on something called 'ThreadRipper', and at the time we thought ThreadRipper was AMD's version of SMT, which Intel calls Hyper-Threading.

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But now we are seeing different reports that ThreadRipper is the name of AMD's upcoming HEDT platform, with the teased 12C/24T and 16C/32T processors coming over from the Naples CPU family (which teases 32C/64T). A post on Reddit teases that the new CPUs will include 64 PCIe lanes, and up to 180W TDP with the 16C/32T version.

AMD will reportedly deploy ThreadRipper onto a new LGA SP3 socket, with up to 32MB of L3 cache, and up to 4GHz boost on certain ThreadRipper processors. There's an announcement reportedly planned for Computex, which is only two months away, and a retail launch in the weeks after Computex, into the end of June.

AMD's next-gen ThreadRipper details so far:

  • Zen HEDT CPU's are called Threadripper!
  • Each CPU will include 64 PCI-E Lanes!
  • It includes 4 CCX's.
  • Lower SKU(Probably 12/24) 140W TDP, Higher SKU (Probably 16/32) 180W TDP.
  • Socket will be an SP3 LGA
  • Platform's name will probably be X399
  • Chips will be B2 revisions.
  • 32MB L3 Cache
  • ES's are 3,3 or 3,4GHz base and 3,7GHz Boost
  • It is aimed for Retail SKU to have 3,6 Base/4GHz Boost
  • ES's that are in the wild have 2500 CB R15.
  • Infinity Fabric can have a bandwidth up to 100GB/S
  • Announcement; COMPUTEX at Taiwan, sales will start after 2-3 weeks following COMPUTEX.
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