Aerocase Announce Passive Video Coolers

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| Apr 27, 2006 at 2:19 am CDT
An announcement from Aerocase today supports the release of two high-performance passively cooled video card coolers which are both members of their new Cool-Wings GPU cooling family. These two passive video coolers, named the Raven and the Condor, embody new patented thermal engineering technology called Vectored Heatpipe Attachment (or V-Degree TM).

Grab the press release for more info.

The Condor is the only passive video cooler currently available for high-performance video cards such as the ATI x1900 and the nVidia 7900 series. The Company's largest cooler has three heatpipes and an innovative "winged" heatsink design, providing incredible cooling power to the hottest of today's gaming cards. The Condor cools ATI's new, 120-watt, x1900xt at nearly 6◦ C better than the loud stock cooler.

The smaller Raven is a single-slot, double heatpipe video cooler, which easily handles the mid-range ATI and nVidia mainstream cards. Both coolers utilize a unique double heatsink arrangement, mounted 90 ◦ above and away from the video card. The Raven is designed with mATX motherboards and HTPC home theater systems in mind. Additionally, it may be ordered in either left or right facing, which opens it up for use in dual video card, SLI and Crossfire systems.

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