Antec Launches New Solution Series Enclosures

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| Apr 26, 2006 at 8:06 pm CDT

Antec have just expanded upon their range of cases with five new additions, all fitting into a catagory they call the "Solution Series". The NSK 6500 model is what Antec call a "Super Mid Tower", the NSK 4400 a "Super Mini Tower", the NSK 3300 a "MicroATX Tower", and NSK 2400 being a standard desktop case design. The last of the bunch (NSK 1300) is a cubic case design which snuggly accommodates MicroATX sized motherboards but unfortunately there's no info or images on this one yet (aside from the brief decription within the official announcement).

Pictures of the NSK2400 (left thumbnail) and NSK3300 (right thumbnail) cases are shown below, and this zip file contains shots of the NSK4400 and 6500 cases.

For more info, check out the Solution Series product page on Antec's website.

Fremont, CA - April 25, 2006 - Antec, Inc., the pioneering and leading global brand of high-performance computer components for the PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, has launched its New Solution Series line of enclosures. The five innovative cases have been redesigned to incorporate high efficiency features while maintaining the quality performance and cost effectiveness of Antec's original Solution Series.

The five cases in the New Solution Series include NSK 6500, NSK 4400, NSK 3300, NSK 2400 and NSK 1300. Designed to meet a wide range of computing needs, each case has its own unique innovative features. NSK 6500 features seven expansion slots and nine drive bays - four front accessible 5.25" and five internal 3.5" removable hard drive trays with silicone grommets in a removable HDD cage to isolate vibrations. This results in overall quieter operation. Similarly, NSK 4400 features seven expansion slots and eight drive bays - three front accessible 5.25", two front accessible 3.5" and three internal 3.5" with rubber grommets.

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