AMD addresses Windows 10's thread scheduler with Ryzen

AMD has ended the debate on the thread scheduling on Ryzen in Windows 10.

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Now that AMD has launched its Ryzen processors, some niggly issues have popped up with one of them being the underwhelming performance at 1080p. AMD has hit back with an official statement, saying: "the Windows 10 thread scheduler is operating properly for Zen".

AMD addresses Windows 10's thread scheduler with Ryzen |

AMD continues, saying that they "do not presently believe there is an issue with the scheduler adversely utilizing the logical and physical configurations of the architecture". There have been some differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 performance over the thread scheduler, but AMD added that they "do not believe there is an issue with scheduling differences between the two versions of Windows" and that any performance differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10, come down to the difference between the operating systems - and not the Ryzen CPU.

AMD also talked about the SMT (the multi-threaded part of Ryzen) and the negative performance in some games, with the company saying that SMT offers a "neutral/positive benefit" in a range of processors. AMD added: "For the remaining outliers, AMD again sees multiple opportunities within the codebases of specific applications to improve how this software addresses the "Zen" architecture. We have already identified some simple changes that can improve a game's understanding of the "Zen" core/cache topology, and we intend to provide a status update to the community when they are ready".


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