Dont panic, I'm not dead!

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| Apr 3, 2006 at 7:38 pm CDT
Ahoy there to ya'll!

This update/ramble is just to let everyone know I haven't suddenly packed up and shipped out, rather a somewhat hasty and rushed house moving excercise took place over the weekend which has not only left me in a possy of frantically trying to locate items of importance in a disorderly pile of boxes galore (without much success mind you - as I continue to run around like a chook with its head off), but my level of sanity is also topsy turvey at the moment due to lack of internet access until the switch is flicked on at my local exchange (anytime within the next week or so - *hopefully* :S).

How's this posting made its way to you, you ask? - 56k dialup at a remote location (Phw0AR!! Feeel teh POWAH............... )

So please try and bear with until things settle down around here and my emulated bloodline (internet access) has kicked back in. 'Tis worth checking up regularly as I intend to start bringing you all the latest news the instant i'm back online.


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