ZeniMax could secure $4 billion from Oculus in court

Oculus might have to cough $4 billion up over alleged stolen code from ZeniMax.

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Oculus has been stuck in real life court for the last few weeks, defending itself against claims that it stolen precious code from ZeniMax, in a lawsuit that could now be worth a hefty $4 billion.

ZeniMax could secure $4 billion from Oculus in court | TweakTown.com

Polygon has reported that the closing arguments have been made, and the case is now in the jury's hands. It will now be decided if Oculus CTO John Carmack stole IP from ZeniMax and had it with him when he joined Oculus in 2013, and in the closing arguments - ZeniMax doubled the damages it was seeking - from $2 billion, to a total of $4 billion.

ZeniMax are the owners of id Software - the creators of DOOM, Quake, and more - the developer John Carmack worked for until he jumped ship for Oculus. It's being argued that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey didn't have the technical expertise to built the Rift, without needing Carmack's help.

They said that Carmack and Luckey used ZeniMax's Rage VR testbed alongside Doom 3 BFG Edition, to build out the Oculus software. Oculus and its parent company Facebook have gone as far as bringing in a forensics expert to testify that none of the parts of Rage VR or Doom 3 BFG Edition source code were found in Oculus' code.

Facecook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified, as well as Luckey, Carmack, and Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. All of them have claimed innocence, but we should find out the verdict this week.

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