Pentium G4560 costs $64, fights Core i5-2500K at $270

Intel's new Kaby Lake-based Pentium G4560 costs $64, competes against Core i5-2500K that costs $230.

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Intel looks to have an impressive value for money processor based on its new Kaby Lake architecture available, with the new Pentium G4560 costing just $64 - and it competes against processors worth 3x as much.

Pentium G4560 costs $64, fights Core i5-2500K at $270 05

ComputerBase has released their full performance review on the Pentium G4560, seeing performance from the $64 processor that outperforms the 6-core AMD FX-6300, keeps up with Core i3-6100 processor, and even the $230 former gaming champion, the Core i5-2500K.

Pentium G4560 costs $64, fights Core i5-2500K at $270 03

The site has a 'total rating' of application and games at 1080p, where you can see that the Pentium G4560 and Core i5-2500K are neck and neck.

When gaming at both 720p and 1080p, the new Kaby Lake-based Pentium G4560 beats the Pentium G4400, FX-6300 and A10-7890K - while just 5% slower than the more expensive Core i3-6100, and Core i5-2500K processors.

In normal Windows use and synthetic benchmarks, the new Kaby Lake CPU is only 3% slower than the Core i3-6100, and just 1% slower than the $270 processor - the Core i5-2500K, which is a huge testament to the improvements within the Kaby Lake architecture.

SLI or CrossFire user? Thought the Pentium G4560 processor would be useless? Not so fast, there... slick. In ComputerBase's testing, they used GeForce GTX 980 Ti cards in SLI at 4K, with the Pentium G4560 matching the performance of the Core i5-7600K which costs $243.


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