Tesla's autonomous tech detects an accident in 1 second

Tesla's new Autopilot v8.0 technology gets put to good use, avoiding a possibly fatal car accident.

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Tesla recently released its new Autopilot v8.0 technology in September, with the company teasing its new radar processing technology that was pushed out over-the-air to all of its electric vehicles with the first-gen Autopilot hardware.

This new update allows the system to see ahead of the car in front of you, tracking multiple cars on the road - as it's able to bounce underneath, or around the car in front of the Tesla. There haven't been any videos of this taking place, but unfortunately - today it happened, and for the Tesla Model S owner Hans Noorsdij had his vehicle avoid an accident for him.

Tesla's Autopilot Forward Collision Warning can be heard sending an alert out for something, and less than a second later a massive accident happens, with the Model S coming to a safe, and to a not-so-abrupt stop. Amazingly, everyone "turned out to be OK" after the accident - even with the SUV rolling over. We now have an amazing demonstration of what Tesla's still-early-days Autopilot technology is capable of in the real-world.

Tesla's autonomous tech detects an accident in 1 second | TweakTown.com
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