Cards Against Humanity is using charity money for a hole

They are digging the hole for nothing but we can guess it's for burying the disappointment in humanity.

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Cards Against Humanity have once again done something remarkable for this Black Friday. In the past, They have done things like selling real bullshit way back in 2014. This time, they are digging a hole with your charity money.

The company have done this kind of gesture to show their disappointment towards the general population and mock the holiday consumerism. But, in their defense, they did answer 'no' if people asked them there was any meaning for digging this hole. If you want to participate to the digging, you can donate $5 for 2 seconds of digging, and each $5 is going to add an extra 2 seconds to the timer. The event has accumulated a whopping $100,000+ and the number is rising every second.

In their frequently asked question section, you can find your questions getting answered in the most philosophical way possible. Here's some of them: "Where is the hole? America. And in our hearts. ", "How deep can you make this sucker? Great question. As long as you keep spending, we'll keep digging. We'll find out together how deep this thing goes. " and "What if you dig so deep you hit hot magma? At least then we'd feel something.".

Personally, I hope they stop before digging into the back of a Godzilla because the definition of life would be a whole lot different for these people.

Cards Against Humanity is using charity money for a hole 08
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