Trump is confident Apple will make iPhones in the US

Trump wants to give Apple a 'very large tax cut' and 'substantial regulation cuts' to bring iPhone production back to the USA.

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Apple could bring production of its iPhones back to the US, with president-elect Trump talking with Apple CEO Tim Cook about it. Cook called Trump after his victory a couple of weeks ago, and their conversation was interesting, to say the least.

Trump is confident Apple will make iPhones in the US |

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump said that Cook called him to congratulate him on his victory over Hillary Clinton, where he talked with the Apple boss about his expectations. Trump said: "I got a call from Tim Cook at Apple, and I said, 'Tim, you know one of the things that will be a real achievement for me is when I get Apple to build a big plant in the United States, or many big plants in the United States, where instead of going to China, and going to Vietnam, and going to the places that you go to, you're making your product right here".

Cook said: "I understand that", with Trump adding that he's confident that Apple will begin manufacturing in the US again with his proposed "very large tax cut" and "substantial regulation cuts" he plans on offering.

With this tease between Trump and Apple, what do you think about it all? iPhones being manufactured in the US will create thousands upon thousands of jobs, and while the prices of iPhones might go up - maybe Apple will reduce the costs a little as an incentive of having a "Made in the USA" stamp on the back of them.


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