Wikileaks being 'astroturfed', under government control

There are some strange things going on with Wikileaks, with Julian Assange not seen in over 30 days.

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For those who have been keeping tabs on the 2016 presidential election (and let's face it... how does anyone not with the entire media machine cranking along non-stop) - there are a small group that have been closely watching the events surrounding Wikileaks.

Wikileaks being 'astroturfed', under government control 14

In the weeks leading up to the election, Wikileaks dumped out a slew of emails surrounding the former Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, John Podesta - and there are now some suspicious events taking place - all throughout 2016.

Timeline of Events for Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

  • May 11th: Michael Ratner Wikileaks chief council died of cancer
  • Jul 10th: Seth Rich, DNC staffer who supposedly leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks, is shot in the back and dies
  • Aug 5th: Edward Snowden (source of leaks on surveillance by the NSA) tweets 64 bit code (potential dead man's switch)
  • Aug 10th: Wikileaks offers $20k reward for information on murder of Seth Rich.
  • Aug 16th: Renowned lawyer who represented Julian Assange died after being struck by train in West Hampstead
  • Oct 7th: Podestamails leaks first batch.
  • Oct 14th: John Podesta tweets "I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy".
  • Oct 16th/17th: John Kerry visits the UK, personally pressures Equador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton.
  • Oct 16th: Wikileaks tweets SHA-256 prerelease keys.
  • Oct 18th: Equadorian Embassy cuts off Assange's internet access.
  • Oct 18th: Pamela Anderson visits Assange and feeds him a vegan sandwich.
  • Oct 18th: Witnesses photograph and report heavily armed police and vans outside Equadorian Embassy, are barred from approaching and have cellphones confiscated. Live feeds are cut off.
  • Oct 18th: Fox News reports Assange will be arrested in a matter of hours.
  • Oct 18th: made publicly visible, file dates/timestamps changed to 1984 (Orwell reference).
  • Oct 20th: /r/wikileaks, /r/dncleaks, /r/wikileakstaskforce and /r/nsaleaks add 21 new moderators and remove previous mods, all threads about Assange going missing deleted since.
  • Oct 20th/21st: Wikileaks tweets 5 tweets with misspelled words. The incorrect letters spell "HELP HIM". The Wikileaks Twitter has never made a spelling error, let alone 5 in two days.
  • Oct 21st: Massive DDoS attack on US internet. Wikileaks tweets to imply the attack originates from its supporters, asking them to stop, no evidence supports claim.
  • Oct 21st: London Airport evacuated due to "chemical attack", potentially used as cover to fly Assange out of country.
  • Oct 22nd: Gavin MacFadyen (mentor to Assange and key player in Wikileaks) dies of lung cancer.
  • Oct 23rd: Wikileaks Tweets poll asking how best to prove Assange is alive (he still hasn't appeared on video or at the window since).
  • Oct 24th: Wikileaks Tweets video of Assange and Michael Moore recorded in June.
  • Oct 26th: 4chan users successfully successfully decode their first message in Wikileak's blockchain. Threads are instantly flooded by shills saying that it's not worth looking into. The blockchain is blocked with fees and 43000 unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool.
  • Nov 6th: Huge DDoS takes down Wikileaks for first time in years.
  • Nov 7th: Various entities notice hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks, accessed with direct entry.
  • Nov 8th: Trump wins.
  • Nov 12th: Assange meets with Swedish prosecutor regarding rape allegations, lawyers barred from attending, meeting conducted via an Equadorian ambassador (not face to face)
  • Nov 14th: Wikileaks releases insurance files, SHA-256 hashes do not match those tweeted in October.
Wikileaks being 'astroturfed', under government control 2

Just as Julian Assange's internet connection was severed in the Ecuadorian Embassy, his deadman switch was enabled. At roughly the same time, the massive DDoS attack took place that affected millions of people, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

It gets fishier, as Wikileaks had three insurance files that were sent out mysteriously - and now the hash for those files isn't matching with the 90GB of files dumped last month. Reddit users have been banned, posts and threads deleted, and new and even old accounts are posting out of nowhere.

Entire parts of Reddit and subreddits have been edited or removed, and it has some users masking their tracks with Tor and VPNs. People on 4chan and 8chan are freaking out, too - as it is believed that Wikileaks has been compromised and is being astroturfed by the government.

Wikileaks being 'astroturfed', under government control 13

There was a post on 4chan that revealed some from a purported Wikileaks staff member, who said all Wikileaks staff were "issued a national security letter and a gag order", and that "all my computer equipment was seized". The post continued saying that WikiLeaks had "several contingency communication plans in place, and I have been unable to contact Julian or any WikiLeaks personnel except for one through our alternative communication channels".

It gets scarier, with the post continuing that "Julian is missing as are most of the WikiLeaks personnel" that this person had "regular communications with". The post said that "WikiLeaks personnel are NOT in control of the official Twitter account", and that the recent AMA on Reddit was "NOT conducted by WikiLeaks personnel".

For anyone who read the AMA by WikiLeaks, they didn't respond to many of the important questions asked by Reddit users, leaving many questioning what the hell was going on exactly.

The post continued, saying that "the DDoS attack on the East Coast prevented the deadman's switch from being activated", but there is a "contingency plan", which is something that "requires physical travel" for this person, who added that they are "on it".

"There has been an incredible charade to keep up the appearance that Julian is fine", the post continued, "Several trusted people are obviously under duress as I cannot imagine any reason why they would promote the charade". The last part of the post is chilling.

It reads: "I want to stress that we are no longer in control of WikiLeaks. I advise whistleblowers to NOT SUBMIT LEAKS since we are not in control of our infrastructure. The people in control of our infrastructure WILL use it to IDENTIFY AND PROSECUTE whistleblowers".

This story is much more nefarious than it seems, but I think anyone interested should do some research on their own. I don't want to skew it with my opinion at all, I'm simply here presenting a story about Assange and WikiLeaks.

With all of the NSA revelations, we can't discount anything as "impossible". It might seem like this is the storyline from a bad movie, but it's real life - and it's happening before our eyes. Go look on Reddit on /r/conspiracy, /r/wikileaks, and more - there are new subreddits being made because moderators are going crazy clamping down on posts.

If you do see or read anything, let us know in the comments below.

I'm personally offering $5000 USD to the charity of Assange's choosing for a personal 5-minute face-to-face meeting with me, a fellow Australian.

A good resource of information (I wouldn't believe everything you read here, or anywhere for that matter). But, the /r/WhereisAssange subreddit is great for nuggets of information and a community of like-minded people.

If I go missing, can people leave some next-gen graphics cards on my grave? kthx.

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