Watch Dogs 2 runs at less than 30FPS on PS4 sometimes

Yet another game launched by Ubisoft with expected performance issues at launch... UGH.

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The release of Watch Dogs 2 is nearly here, so we're finally finding out about the performance of Ubisoft's surely near-perfect game after the watered down, gimped original Watch Dogs... nope. Wrong.

Some gamers are reporting from the Watch Dogs 2 focused livestream by Eurogamer that there were various performance-related issues. At the 1:55:00 mark of the video below, Watch Dogs 2 is running at less than 30FPS.

Then there's the PlayStation Access video that shows Watch Dogs 2 off, where you can see it drops below 30FPS a few times.

We can expect Ubisoft to patch Watch Dogs 2 up before launch, but why the hell are these issues happening in the first place? Ubisoft - you're killing consumer confidence off more than helping it, and it sucks.

Watch Dogs 2 drops on November 15 for the PS4 and Xbox One, while PC gamers will have to wait two weeks - with a November 29 release.

Watch Dogs 2 runs at less than 30FPS on PS4 sometimes |

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