EPoX Unveil "Ghost BIOS" Backup Utility

EPoX Unveil "Ghost BIOS" Backup Utility news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Feb 13, 2006 at 3:30 am CST

EPoX have today made headlines with the introduction of their new BIOS Back Up Utility, Ghost BIOS.

This inevitably means less RMAs (and hassles) for EPoX when things go horribly wrong as far as the BIOS is concerned, reason being that Ghost BIOS will allow any half flashed or corrupted BIOS to be recovered using an effortless and assured procedure (providing the motherboard is of course "Ghost BIOS" supported as well).

For further information you can grab the official announcement here, and there's also a powerpoint presentation with some brief information too.

In a survey to mainboard users from a print magazine, the most demanded feature for a mainboard is the ability to update the BIOS. EPoX has focused heavily on the BIOS update function and has now released a solution, namely "Ghost BIOS". When the system BIOS is attacked by a virus, or power failure occurs while flashing the BIOS, this usually corrupts the BIOS and the system loses the ability to boot up. This leaves the user with no choice but to send the board for repair. Through EPoX's unique Ghost BIOS utility, users can rescue the BIOS by themselves in an easy way without any cost. Users only need the system driver CD, BIOS update software and an EPoX Ghost BIOS supported mainboard.

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