Mobile SLI On The Horizon

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| Feb 9, 2006 at 5:54 pm CST

There's a new type of laptop lurking around the corner which will put all current models to shame in the gaming performance catagory. Yep, an SLI equipped notebook! - Company "WidowPC" are looking to be the first to take mobile gaming to the next level, announcing an upcoming monster which will sport an AMD processor and two GeForce Go 7800 mobile GPUs! The screen size is also said to be 19", phwoar!

Unfortunately there is no detailed listing of specifications as yet but at least we know of the real candy which is to be brought to us soon enough. More info at DailyTech.

The people at WidowPC are looking to take notebook gaming to the next level. They have announced their development of an SLI notebook computer powered by a mobile AMD processor.

Final specs are still being ironed out, but the AMD processor is set in stone as is a 19" screen and two GeForce Go 7800 mobile GPUs in an SLI configuration. Those looking for the ultimate in mobile performance need to look no further than this monster. And it surely will be a monster considering the large screen and the space needed to cool the flaming beast.

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