The 3D Graphics Timeline

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| Feb 8, 2006 at 7:38 pm CST

Interested to learn more about the history of desktop 3D graphics cards from over the last 7+ yrs? Accelnation have just once again updated their now quite large and in-depth article which takes the journey back through time to show us how quickly we've progressed over the years in one of the fastest moving areas of the IT Industry.

It has been six years since first we started to collate the history of desktop 3D graphics at the turn of the Millennium. We left the story at the point where most of the field had fallen away, leaving the two-horse race between NVIDIA and ATI. It was at this point that a new lap of programmable technology had begun. Although the continuance of that race has been well documented across the Web, it is worth updating this record with a brief summery. To this end we have collated the following basic timeline of major events.

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