TwinMOS introduces Mobile Disk U3 Smart Drive

TwinMOS introduces Mobile Disk U3 Smart Drive news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Feb 8, 2006 at 5:49 pm CST

In a fresh announcement from TwinMOS, they bring to light the new "Mobile Disk U3 Smart Drive" which allows one to plug in to any computer (via USB) and access their profile(s)/documents/preferences etc., making the system as if it were their own by means of the implemented U3 Smart software embedded on the drive. This makes it an ideal solution for many on the go business users and consumers alike.

For further information on the technology behind this unique new offering, grab the official announcement folks.

"Consumers today need more than just a traditional plug-and-play USB flash drive," said Kate Purmal, CEO of U3. "They need a platform that integrates data mobility with the ability to access and manage their personal workspace from any computer. With the U3 smart computing platform, the new Mobile Disk U3 smart drive from TwinMOS is helping launch a new trend in mobile computing."

U3, backed by USB flash drive market leaders M-Systems and SanDisk Corporation, is a private company that has developed an innovative platform to make USB smart drives that transform a PC into a truly personalized computer quickly, easily and securely, and exit transparently when done. Why U3? Because U3 has created a global community with three pillars: enthusiastic users, innovative hardware vendors and software developers who are uniting around a standard platform that works across drive manufacturers.

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