Achieve IT success with 54 hours of Linux training

Use Linux to streamline apps and run programs faster.

| Sep 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm CDT
Achieve IT success with 54 hours of Linux training |

From smartphones to gaming consoles, Linux is an operating system used across the tech industry. So, if you're looking to land a lucrative tech job, mastering one of the industry's most popular tools isn't a bad idea. With the Linux Essentials Bundle, you can get the key to IT success for only $39.

Packed with over 50 hours of training, this course bundle will walk you through the fundamentals of Linux administration. You'll install your own Linux system from scratch and learn how to code with it using its command terminal. From there, you'll dive into more advanced concepts like BASH (Bourne Again Shell) and discover how to automate commands and drastically streamline programs.

With five comprehensive courses under your belt, you'll emerge from this bundle a Linux pro ready to take on the job market. For a limited time, the Linux Essentials Bundle is on sale for only $39, saving TweakTown readers over 80% off its $225 retail price.

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