Compro Technology Intros the VideoMate H900

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| Jan 6, 2006 at 2:21 am CST

Compro Technology have just unveiled their most recent "VideoMate H900" digital TV tuner/capture card which features a real-time hardware MPEG-1/2 encoder by use of the Conexant CX23418 video process chip. This gives one the ability to easily record hardware compression DVD full-D1 TV shows or VCD/SVCD/DVD formats and do hardware timeshifting for instant pause/replay of live TV without massive system loading.

For further info, grab Compro's announcement here.

Taipei, Taiwan, 4 January, 2006 - Compro Technology, an innovative leading manufacturer and developer of PC multimedia products, launched VideoMate H900, a powerful TV tuner and capture card. It features real-time hardware MPEG-1/2 encoder, new generation high-quality universal silicon TV tuner, 2D/3D Y/C separation, TV Stereo/ SAP selection, FM radio listening, MP3/WMA/WAV recording, low-profile card design, Compro exclusive remote power on/off and Power Up Scheduled Recording.

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