Fox juggling 'X-Files' cast schedules for another season

Fox trying to get the stars to align.

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Continuing from the confirmation from head honcho Dana Walden that Fox was attempting to mount more 'X-Files' episodes earlier this year, it seems the studio is still trying to get the deals done.

Fox juggling 'X-Files' cast schedules for another season |

According to SlashFilm, Fox Broadcasting Company Entertainment President David Madden has confirmed the studio is trying to align schedules to make it happen. "We would obviously love to do another season. There are significant talks going on with all three of the principals. Schedules are hard but we're working hard to get this done". Walden continued, touching on some of the mixed reviews for the limited season. "I would just add the show was off the air for a very long time and was introduced to a variety of new viewers through OTT platforms. There was still a lot of time to cover in these six episodes. They had the challenge of filling in the mythology and how they go to where they were at the start of the six. Going forward, there won't be the same obligation to reset the series. "


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