Updated Alienware Alpha has Graphics Amp support, AMD GPU option

The Alienware Alpha gets some notable upgrades, including a better NVIDIA GPU, AMD Radeon options, and Graphics Amp support.

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E3 2016 - The Alienware Alpha is one of the company's coolest achievements and something my wife and I use in my living room daily. It's half the size of a console but still keeps up with the majority of new PC games, and it boasts a completely unique and optional OS layer that runs on top of Windows but shoves traditional Windows annoyances out of the way. It can also double as a kick-ass little media PC. Today at E3, Alienware announced its Alpha is getting a few upgrades.

Updated Alienware Alpha has Graphics Amp support, AMD GPU option 01

While I was personally hoping for it to rock an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070M, that card hasn't officially been announced yet -- even though we know mobile Pascal is coming soon. Instead, it's getting an upgraded NVIDIA GTX 960, now with 4GB of VRAM. AMD fans will be thrilled to hear that rocking a Radeon R9 M470X is also an option with the 2nd generation Alpha system.

Alienware tells us that by popular demand, the Alpha is also newly compatible with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, opening it up to the world of high-end desktop-class gaming and VR. The Graphics Amp is now compatible with newer Alienware laptops, the Alpha, and all Alienware desktops.

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The NEW Alienware Alpha options include:

• 6th Generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs

• Graphics options include AMD Radeon R9 M470X or the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

• 4 GB DDR4 1600 MHz memory configurable up to 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz

• 500 GB HDD storage to up 2TBs of storage

• New Models starting at $599 SAPP, check out the other options and pricing online

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