Rumor: AMD won't have partners showing Polaris cards at Computex

It looks like partners won't be showing off 14nm-based Polaris video cards at AMD, according to our sources.

| May 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm CDT

With NVIDIA dropping the gauntlet and announcing its new GeForce GTX 1080, we're hearing rumors that AMD won't have partners showing off next-gen Polaris-based video cards at Computex - which kicks off in two weeks time. Remember that we're actually giving away an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 'Founder's Edition' video card, and so much more in our global giveaway!

Rumor: AMD won't have partners showing Polaris cards at Computex |

Nordic Hardware reached out to us with their report, saying that AMD's partners "won't have any new cards to display at Computex and the only Polaris cards promoted to them from AMD are R9 390/390X performance class but for a mid-range price. Great value but no sign of any GTX 1080 contender". I thought I'd reach out to an AMD partner, and received a quick "don't think so" from a board partner, and then I asked for clarification to which they said "as of now, no information".

I've reached out to AMD for clarification and will edit when I hear back, but for now - rumor has it, as well as backed up by a rather large AMD partner, that there will be no Polaris-based video cards from AMD partners at Computex. I also thought I'd talk with NVIDIA, who said that there will be a crap load of custom GTX 1080s at Computex, which is exciting - especially with things kicking off two weeks from now.

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