Dark Souls 3 Unsqueezed mod fixes resolution, HUD scaling issues

Dark Souls 3 mod is a godsend for anyone not using 16:9 resolution, fullscreen mode.

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If you're not like most people and don't or don't like to run 1920x1080 resolution in fullscreen mode, you've probably run into some trouble with Dark Souls 3 on PC. Fortunately, modder Kaldaien has created 'Souls Unsqueezed', a mod that cures this trouble.

Dark Souls 3 Unsqueezed mod fixes resolution, HUD scaling issues | TweakTown.com

Unsqueezed is in the very early stages -- it's currently numbered version 0.1.0 -- but already offers some very welcome features and fixes in Borderless Window Mode, better performance in windowed mode, and much improved HUD scaling for those with high-DPI and/or multi-monitor setups.

In the future, it will unlock the resolution of many effects which are currently stuck at 720p.

Also mentioned: removal of letterboxing and pillarboxing from non-16:9 resolutions, although it's not clear if this is currently offered or will be later on.

If you're worried about a VAC ban for using Unsqueezed, Kaldaien says he's done everything in his power to avoid that happening when developing the mod, but that there is always a risk, however small.

Hit the source to download.

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