No Man's Sky 'seems stale' to former Xbox community manager

No Man's Sky looks 'stale', according to an ex-Xbox community manager.

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According to Microsoft's former Xbox community manager, Raj Patel, Hello Games' upcoming title No Man's Sky looks "stale". With No Man's Sky explained as a "science-fiction game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe", I don't see how that can be.

In a few tweets, Patel said: "Every gameplay image I've seen of No Man's Sky looks like it could take place on the same planet. 'Infinite universe' eh? I don't see it". Then someone tweeted him, saying "procedurally generated games don't interest me too much after about an hour you've seen most possible biomes and creatures etc".

Patel tweeted a reply, saying "Yeah, I mean it has potential and COULD be great but from what I've SEEN so far, it already seems stale. I haven't seen the fun". Someone asked Patel "have you seen all hundreds of trillion planets or half a dozen?" with Patel tweeting back "I've seen everything that has been publicly shown. As my tweet indicated I'm commenting on what I've seen".

No Man's Sky 'seems stale' to former Xbox community manager 04

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