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Video shows off PC specific features of Rise of the Tomb Raider

A new video for Rise of the Tomb Raider shows off some of the PC exclusive graphical effects, showing a big difference in quality compared to the Xbox One

Jeff Williams | Jan 27, 2016 at 5:59 pm CST (1 min, 9 secs time to read)

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are very adamant that Rise of the Tomb Raider isn't just a port of the console version. They're so proud of their work that they've released a video that shows off all of the GPU effects that only a PC can really handle and pull-off. And it looks gorgeous. Even if it's partnered with NVIDIA.

This is definitely an improvement in fidelity over the already stellar looking Xbox One exclusive version. Not only are resolutions far higher, but you can turn on things like HBAO+, better quality tessellation, a very cool dyamic foliage system and better use of anistropic filtering. It's a surprising improvement, and it looks great. The video shows side-by-side, what the difference is with each effect. Curiously missing, however, is Square Enix's modified version of TressFX, at least in the video.

And unlike the Xbox One version, the framerate isn't locked, and with the proper setup, you can actually have more than 60FPS potentially at 4K. Soon we'll have our own performance analysis to show you just how it performs on both AMD and NVIDIA's hardware.

Last updated: Apr 6, 2020 at 04:56 pm CDT

Jeff Williams

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