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Bayonetta 2's price getting slashed in half next month

Bayonetta 2 is being re-released as a standalone game and the price is being reduced bu quite a bit coming on February 19th.

Published Fri, Jan 15 2016 9:01 AM CST   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:16 PM CDT

Bayonetta 2 is getting a nice not so small price reduction next month on the 19th to commemorate its re-release as a standalone game. And She's also gonna make an appearance in Super Smash Bros as well.

Bayonetta 2's price getting slashed in half next month |

The free-flowing, artistic and generally more violent combat compared to other games for the Wii U has earned it numerous accolades and praise from gaming publications and gamers alike. It's generally thought of being one of the best games available on the Wii U when it came out in 2014, despite it struggling somewhat to sell when it initially came out.

But now Nintendo is adding Bayonetta to the roster of characters available in Super Smash Bros and they'll be dropping the price to a cool $29.99 for the standalone version, which is much more palpable than the $60 it released at. Bayonetta 2 will be one hell of a deal come February 19th, and is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys action games at that price. It's practically a steal.


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