Elite: Dangerous might be getting Linux version, hints a job opening

Elite: Dangerous just might end up on SteamOS sooner than we think, or so a new job listing seems to hint towards.

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A new job posting at Frontier Developments hints that we might eventually see Elite: Dangerous on Linux, which means it'll end up being one of only a handful of space-sims on SteamOS.

Elite: Dangerous might be getting Linux version, hints a job opening | TweakTown.com

This information isn't based on much, though the job description is specifically for a systems programmer for helping to create cross-platform libraries for online services, and it does mention having the ability to "...write platform-independent code for deployment on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and current generation consoles."

At the very least it speaks towards further having a cross-platform back-end and galaxy that's persistent for everyone throughout on PC, Mac and Xbox One (and the PS4 in the future). Already the underlying economy and Power Play political atmosphere is similar, though you're unable to play with, or against, those on differing platforms.

The mention of Linux could also merely be because of the back-end servers run on a flavor of Linux, meaning any software would naturally need a server-side component. So this isn't definitive in that respect, but at least it's a sign of things to come in at least some way.

And if Elite: Dangerous does make it to SteamOS? Then it'll be nearly the only AAA space simulator available. Wouldn't that be something?

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