FAA enforcing drone registration for all, begins next week

Drone users will be required to register their aircraft to the FAA, beginning next week.

| Dec 15, 2015 at 3:39 pm CST

With drones becoming an ever-popular hobbyist item and there being a multitude of new 'pilots' expected to fly for the first time throughout this holiday season, the US Government has decided to make all owners of drones register their products with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), beginning from next week.

FAA enforcing drone registration for all, begins next week | TweakTown.com

This regulation has been put into place thanks to various reports of drone misconduct, seeing hobbyists pilot their toys through near-misses with large-scale aircraft, police officers and private property alike. This registration will help enforce the fact that drones must remain under 400 feet in altitude, they must stay more than five miles from airports and must always be in the line of sight from the operator. The last clause is an interesting one, especially when users these days are flying drones in first-person.

Other rules state that drones must keep well away from groups of people, stadiums and sporting events. Applying to all drones which weigh between 0.55 lbs and 55lbs, the registered pilot of each drone will be issued an official certificate and registration number, with this number expected to be displayed on the drone itself.

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