Valve's latest CS:GO update said to contain a revolver, altered times

Latest Valve CS:GO update adds R8 Revolver and forces competitive play to 1:55 round time and 0:40 bomb timer.

Published Tue, Dec 8 2015 8:46 PM CST   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT

Named version number, the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update is set to contain the 'R8 Revolver' reports claim.

Valve's latest CS:GO update said to contain a revolver, altered times |

In addition to this new weapon, competitive round times and the bomb timer will be adjusted further towards the style 'competitive casual', being a 0:40 bomb timer and 1:55 round timer, with this further being used in the next Valve major CS:GO tournament. This round time lengthening means there is more time for teams to decide on strategy or save their weapons, however creates further possible issues of boring game play. There was a strong push by the community for Valve to actually lower the bomb timer during casual matches as most feel this lengthy amount of time means that it allows for lower level of play, giving teams longer to rotate and retake bomb sites, rather than relying on quick and concise action.

The addition of the R8 Revolver is certainly something interesting, but the bomb and round timers are certainly something that will have the competitive scene up in arms - here comes the Twitter rage.


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