6 Microsoft Office Skills Your Résumé Needs

Grab this Microsoft Office bundle for 96% off seven courses.

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6 Microsoft Office Skills Your Résumé Needs | TweakTown.com

Admit it: you've got "proficient in Microsoft Office" on your résumé, but the second someone asks you to do something in Excel, you break into a cold sweat. Let's change that. We've put together a bundle of seven Microsoft Office courses that'll majorly benefit you at work or in your next job search-and instead of paying the full price of $1,159, you can get them all for just $49.

Here's what you'll learn:

- Microsoft Excel, including essential functions that'll save you time (yes, more time to Reddit at work!) and ways to do more with data. Yeah, even graphs.

- How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to totally kill it at your next work presentation. Learn how to use graphics, incorporate animations, and create charts.

- The basics and beyond of Microsoft Word, including newsletters, tables, forms, and more.

- How to make Outlook email more efficient. Learn how to automate email management, quickly find emails, optimize Outlook for your entire staff, and more.

- Summarize and present Excel data with Pivot Table.

- Collaborate across teams, sharing and organization information, with SharePoint.

You'll get plenty of video tutorials, practice exercises, articles, assessments, and examples to take you through the training, and you'll have a full year of access so you can brush up on skills on your own time.

Head over to TweakTown Deals today to get this seven-course bundle for $49.

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