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YouTube pledges to take on Twitch TV in the game streaming arena

YouTube takes Twitch TV head on with its new YouTube Gaming announcement - separate from regular YouTube videos.

Published Fri, Jun 12 2015 8:40 PM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:16 PM CDT

A blog posted today by Alan Joyce contained a heartfelt recap of a childhood filled with Pokémon, Game Boy's and LAN Parties.

YouTube pledges to take on Twitch TV in the game streaming arena |

In addition to this, Joyce's piece titled 'A YouTube built for gamers' talked about the new YouTube focus website, providing "more than 25,000 games" with their own personal pages, filled with videos and live streaming alongside content creators and publishers alike.

This gamer-orientated offshoot has been made to ensure gamers looking for content are kept within the gaming scene and searches for things like 'SSB Brawl' won't come back with a plethora of street fights. Live streaming will feature on the front page of YouTube Gaming including 60FPS and auto-uploading features.

Beginning with the U.S and U.K markets, YouTube gaming will be opened this summer.

Does this remind anyone of Justin TV birthing Twitch TV? However, I can't see YouTube closing down in favor for gaming only like Twitch did.

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