Survey: Millennial men like the idea of autonomous vehicle technology

Millennial men seem to like the idea of autonomous vehicles.

| Jun 11, 2015 at 12:30 pm CDT

Men seem to like the idea of autonomous vehicles more than women, with 37 percent of men saying they are concerned about safety. The survey, conducted by Nerdwallet, found that 55 percent of women noted they had safety concerns.

Survey: Millennial men like the idea of autonomous vehicle technology |

However, it looks like some auto insurance companies are jumping onboard with autonomous vehicles, such as State Farm. At least 9 out of 10 fatal car accidents stem from driver error - an issue that autonomous vehicles could greatly reduce.

"It's a can of worms," said Amy Danise, insurance editor of Nerdwallet, in a statement published by MoneyWatch. "It can benefit some drivers and not others. It's like usage-based insurance on steroids. If you're a driver who brakes hard, drives a lot and drives at night, you should not be on user-based insurance."

Earlier in the year, there were reports that some auto insurers would become concerned because of autonomous vehicles hitting the road. There will be significant growing pains ahead for the US government, auto makers, insurance companies, and drivers.

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