GCHQ says it doesn't have enough manpower to spy on everyone

GCHQ couldn't spy on everyone even if they wanted to, according to... the GCHQ.

| Jun 2, 2015 at 5:40 pm CDT

The NSA and GCHQ continue to face significant backlash of their widespread surveillance activities, largely due to Edward Snowden's spying disclosures. However, the UK intelligence agency is defending itself by saying it couldn't spy on all its citizens in an unlawful manner, even if it actually wanted to.

GCHQ says it doesn't have enough manpower to spy on everyone | TweakTown.com

"One of the things that has almost flippantly been said in our defense is that even if we wanted to do such things we don't have enough people to engage in such unlawful mass intrusion," said Ciaran Martin, director general of cybersecurity for the GCHQ, while speaking at the InfoSecurity conference.

The GCHQ has conducted mass collection of user data inside the UK, which was disclosed by Snowden a couple of years ago. Not surprisingly, there has been increased debate - both in the US and UK - regarding the effectiveness of these programs.

Despite the GCHQ's program, which "lacks transparency" and is "unnecessarily complicated," it doesn't necessarily "seem to circumvent the law," according to a recent report from the UK parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC).

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