Taipei Computer Association expects connected tech at Computex

Expect plenty of Internet of Things (IoT) at Computex 2015!

| May 31, 2015 at 8:20 pm CDT

Computex 2015: Connected technology designed to support the Internet of Things (IoT) will receive a large amount of attention during Computex 2015, organizers in Taipei believe. Even though it has taken a few years for manufacturers to work out the kinks, many of the 1,700+ exhibitors in Taiwan should have smart tech products available to visitors.

Taipei Computer Association expects connected tech at Computex |

"Smart living and wearable technology remain the focus, but visitors will find more mature products," said David Liu, from the Taipei Computer Association, in a statement to AFP.

IoT products have been demonstrated at past Computex shows, along with CES and CeBit, but this year has seen a flood of better established offerings.

"Many of the exhibitors demonstrated their smart home devices last year, like plugs, lights or locks, but those devices did not work as systems. The latest products use an app and infrared sensors to come up with a total solution. So in the case of home security, say, users can now automatically receive images of any intruders into their home."

In addition to IoT, expect wearables, 3D, and mobile technology also to have a major presence during Computex 2015 - as companies from around the world converge in Taipei.

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