Virtual reality development still uber pricey, but progress being made

Developing virtual reality is still an expensive process, but major breakthroughs are being made.

| May 31, 2015 at 3:20 pm CDT

Virtual reality is still very much in its infancy, as many consumers are following the technology, but may not be ready to embrace it just yet. However, there is plenty of development currently underway, though it's just a very small number of companies involved in VR headset production that we can expect to enjoy in the near future.

Virtual reality development still uber pricey, but progress being made |

"It's a very small community [in VR] around here," said Dr. Jonathan Waldern, owner of DigiLens, in a statement to The Guardian. "The cost of development in this realm is so high that very few corporations would take it on. Only the big three - Microsoft, Google, Facebook. Apple is the fourth, but isn't so prominent."

Not surprisingly, consumers interested in embracing VR must be ready to spend - if not for the headsets themselves, but the PC hardware that will allow them to support a fully enjoyable VR experience. It's expected gaming, movies, and other sectors will continue to see increasing VR interest, though it will take some time.

No one is really sure what to expect from VR - or what the technology's first major breakthrough will be - but it looks like many of us are willing to patiently wait.

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