Konami outlines some of its plans for transition to mobile gaming

Konami, which has a strong console gaming portfolio, wants to spend more time focusing on mobile.

| May 31, 2015 at 2:33 pm CDT

Konami is undergoing a management battle and the company itself has reconfirmed plans to make mobile gaming a stronger focus. Despite an established presence in console gaming, the Japanese company wants to cash in on mobile games, hoping to win over consumers - and have them pay for in-game items and add-ons.

Konami outlines some of its plans for transition to mobile gaming | TweakTown.com

"Although Konami shifted strategy in this way several years ago, we found it difficult to fully adopt this approach, so we have been accelerating our efforts to catch up with the trend since I assumed the position of Vice President last July," said Hideki Hayakawa, representative director and president at Konami Digital Entertainment, in a statement to Nikkei.

It's unknown if free-to-play is an approach they will utilize, or if they want to further monetize by offering in-game perks to its customers.

"In enhancing our approach, we have started introducing additional monetization models to games such as Jikkyou Powerful Proyakyu and World Soccer Winning Eleven, allowing us to generate additional revenue from intangible additions rather than simply sell products once and move on."

Many TweakTown readers seemed disinterested in Konami focusing more on mobile gaming, especially if that could come at the expense of its console efforts.

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