The Woz described Edward Snowden as 'a hero to me'

Count The Woz as one of Edward Snowden's fans!

| May 30, 2015 at 6:45 pm CDT

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak described former NSA contractor Edward Snowden as "a hero," as he "gave up his own life... to help the rest of us." Wozniak previously met with Snowden in Moscow sometime in 2014, though it's unknown what the two men discussed.

The Woz described Edward Snowden as 'a hero to me' |

"Total here to me; total hero," Wozniak recently said in an interview with ArabianBusiness. "Not necessarily [for] what he exposed, but the fact that he internally came form his own heart, his own belief in the United States Constitution, what democracy and freedom was about. And now a federal judge has said that NSA data collection was unconstitutional."

The Woz obviously is a great fan of technology, but has admitted early innovators "didn't realize that in the digital world there were a lot of ways to use the digital technology to control us." That interview was published by CNN in 2013, before Snowden unveiled a widespread NSA surveillance program.

As Snowden remains holed up in Russia, many Internet users may have supported his actions - but high-profile celebrities and tech innovators haven't been as supported to voice their support of him.

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