Pink Floyd speaks out against streaming music, angry at tech firms

Don't count Pink Floyd as fans of streaming music!

| May 29, 2015 at 5:30 pm CDT

Don't count Pink Floyd founding members Roger Waters and Nick Mason as fans of the current shift towards streaming music! There is a current battle between users and streaming services trying to work with record labels and artists to figure out how everyone can be happy.

Pink Floyd speaks out against streaming music, angry at tech firms |

"I think one is angry just as everybody else should be. All of those bi***** in Silicon Valley who are stealing not just our work but all the work that all the musicians all over the world are doing," said Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd, in a statement published by Sky News. "They are spreading it across the Internet and then people believe it's free and that it should be free. And it shouldn't be free."

"Being a musician is just like any other job. It's perfectly reasonable that people are required to pay for the fruits of your labor."

Streaming music is reportedly hurting music industry revenue, and some musicians aren't overly happy about it. Not surprisingly, paid downloads and album purchases are declining as the streaming music market continues to greatly increase.

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