Ford CEO Mark Fields wants autonomous cars for the masses

Ford CEO Mark Fields envisions autonomous vehicles for all drivers.

| May 26, 2015 at 7:20 pm CDT

Automaker Ford embraced technology and semi-autonomous functionality in vehicles, and looks ahead to full self-driving vehicles. The company may not be the front runner to release a self-driving car, but is moving forward with its own research.

Ford CEO Mark Fields wants autonomous cars for the masses |

Ford is developing autonomous vehicles, but isn't as worried about trying to be the first company to market with a self-driving vehicle. Instead, Fields is pulling from founder Henry Ford's visions of trying to "make things accessible to everyone."

"Even now, semi-autonomous features are the building blocks for full autonomy," Fields said in an interview with Fortune. "When you look the breadth of semi-autonomous features that we have in our vehicles, we're in a leading position there.

It's not just about autonomous vehicles for Ford, as the company has its Ford Smart Mobility platform to enhance connected functionality. There are plenty of challenges facing automakers, especially with Silicon Valley companies increasingly getting involved, but there are plenty of new opportunities along the way.

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