Win flights to an eSports tournament with meet & greet dinners

Hang out with celebrities and get in the middle of the crowd with this competition by Team Liquid, but the entries are a little weird.

| May 21, 2015 at 1:08 am CDT

Team Liquid, Namecheap and Razer have combined their powers to offer lucky fans an incredible eSports experience.

Win flights to an eSports tournament with meet & greet dinners |

Including flights to either the League of Legends LCS or DreamHack Winter, the winner will also enjoy dinner with Team Liquid professional players and be thrust amidst the fast-paced eSports action.

Set as a promotion mainly for Namecheap, entries are generated "simply" by transferring your domain to this company. We say simply with quotation marks because I guess, it's not really that simple. If you're looking to enter this competition and you don't already own a domain, you're likely going to create a website, graphics, content, then register it with another company and finally transfer it over to Team Liquid's sponsor.

If you're interested, entries can be completed here.

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