How much do Twitch TV streamers really make? Here's an answer

An analyst tells us how much Twitch TV streamers really make each month.

| May 21, 2015 at 12:07 am CDT

Starting at the top, streamer imaqtpie has been predicted to take in around $14,000 each month in an analyst graph presented by Efe Karakus.


The current Master's degree student is currently "focusing on human-computer interaction and data mining" and has combined Twitch TV subscriptions with advertisements and an educated prediction to give the public an insight into how much these e-celebrities really make.

Subscriptions can be purchased through Twitch TV and see a donation given to the steamer of your choice, alongside a complete wipe of advertisements on their channel - however, this makes up a very small percentage of the overall income as it's likely users are simply using AdBlock or similar to block out the ads either way.

Take a look at the whole write-up for yourself.

How much do Twitch TV streamers really make? Here's an answer 018 |

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