The 'Yobot' is able to handle luggage at YOTEL New York hotel

Welcome the Yobot to Yotel.

| May 15, 2015 at 2:29 pm CDT

Yotel New York is making use of a customized ABB IRB 6640 robot from MFG Automation, using the custom "Yobot" that handles around 300 pieces of luggage per day. Hotel guests can actually check-in using kiosks, give their luggage to the robot, and go straight to their rooms with minimal worker contact.

The robot traditionally was designed for an industrial workplace, so it can spot weld or transport manufacturing materials, but the hotel uses it so employees can conduct other tasks.

"It also allows our staff to focus on the guest and focus on their needs instead of just the simple task of storing a piece of luggage," said Claes Landberg, general manager of YOTEL New York, in a statement to CNBC.

There is great potential for robots in the workplace, with hotels using them to do everything from moving luggage to restocking supplies in hotel rooms - as more experts are worried that robots could hurt the human labor force.

The 'Yobot' is able to handle luggage at YOTEL New York hotel |

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