Periscope CEO is 'genuinely excited' to fight Internet piracy

Periscope CEO says the company isn't happy about Internet piracy, and is willing to work with partners to create anti-piracy solutions.

| May 7, 2015 at 12:17 pm CDT

Periscope proved popular during the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing super fight, but has brought intense scrutiny against the Twitter-owned app. The live video streaming app has a number of different legitimate uses, but its streams of the pricey boxing pay-per-view available last Saturday night gave it a large number of new supporters.

Periscope CEO is 'genuinely excited' to fight Internet piracy |

HBO and Showtime submitted 66 takedown requests to Periscope, with 30 of the streams dropped within a few minutes - but there were still plenty of streams that could be found throughout the fight. The app was reportedly purchased for $100 million by Twitter, and racked up 1 million users after 10 days of public availability.

"Companies like YouTube and Ustream developed those tools over years. We've been live for a month. And we're really excited to work with whoever we need to to figure out what those tools are," Beykpour said on CBS This Morning. "I think we built a tool that allows people to share what they're seeing with the world, and sometimes people will use that for things that we have no intention of supporting."

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